Luís Gonçalo Rodrigues


POSITION: Masters student

TEAM: HPRT 11. CI: Information Science

ORCID: 0000-0003-1180-0292

ACADEMIA: Open link



My name is Luís Gonçalo Rodrigues and I´m a master´s student at the University of Lisbon. Since I first entered the School of Arts and Humanities (FLUL) to study Culture and Communication (bachelor´s degree), my aim has been to be integrated into the profound academic dynamic that the University has to offer: I am, currently, President of the Ecological Society and Vice President of a project called "Europe Today". At the same time, I´ve been publishing opinion articles in national newspapers.Now, as an Information Science student, my goal is to develop my thesis about the political correspondence between Tito de Morais and Ramos da Costa from the perspective of the organization and representation of Information.

Interests: Correspondence; Letters; Tito de Morais, Ramos da Costa; Socialist Party; Portuguese Socialist Movement

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