No one is to be found who has nothing
attained from education.

Nemo reperitur qui sit studio nihil consecutus.

Quintilian, The Orato'r's education 1.1.2


The CEC welcomes and develops different projects for the dissemination of Classics. These iniciatives seek to promote Classical Studies and to provide educational services to the community. Some of our projects are well established and are organised on a regular basis.

Officina Romanorum

An original pilot project developed by the Centre and the Departamento de Estudos Clássicos since 2009. The project promotes the study of classical languages and cultures among children and young adolescents (7-14 years). Participants are between seven and fourteen years old.

Latin for youtubers

André Simões, member of the Centre, has has been developing since early 2020 a succesful course of Latin through the Youtube platform. Course in portuguese.
Check his channel here.

Our partnerships

Clássicos em Rede

A network of secondary school teachers with the purpose of creating activities for primary and secondary school students on ancient Greece and Rome. The network organises, inter alia, the Olimpíadas Clássicas, a contest that awards the best works of students in different categories.
Check it here.

A collection of children’s literature on mythology and archaeology. The books are included in the National Reading Plan. Check it here.

Mitos Gregos. Sérgio Franclim

A collection on classical mythology for young readers (in Portuguese)
Check it here.

Classics on Stage

Clássicos em Cena is a project that aims to disseminate Classical and Portuguese theatre, mainly from the 16th century, since 2016. The activities include staged readings and cultural meetings.
Check it here.


Exhibitions in partnership with the National Museum of Archaeology. More information here.

Virtual Exhibitions

Lusitânia: geografia e recursos naturais.
Achilles, project ‘Late Achilles in the Classroom and Court’.


Outreach Events

No outreach events at the moment.