We consider knowledge among
the good and honourable.

Τῶν καλῶν καὶ τιμίων τὴν εἴδησιν ὑπολαμβάνοντες.

Aristotle, De Anima 402a


The CEC is organized into four thematic areas designed to coordinate activities and to promote communication between groups. Their aim is to bring together researchers interested in related topics or approaches in a cooperative and collegial environment. 


includes projects that deal with Greco-Roman themes
Coordinator: Ana Maria Lóio

Hispania Latina

brings together projects that are concerned with post-classical Iberian/Portuguese Latin texts
Coordinator: Paulo F. Alberto


involves projects that deal with the literary reception of classical themes and texts in Portuguese-language literature
Coordinator: Cristina Pimentel


brings together interdisciplinary projects that explore the ways ancient models have been used and offers scholarly support to other academic disciplines
Coordinator: José Pedro Serra

Ongoing Projects

The Centre for Classical Studies hosts the following funded projects:

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Past Projects

The Centre for Classical Studies previously hosted the following funded projects: