Knowing is the origin and source of writing well.

Scribendi recte sapere est et principium et fons.

Horace, Epistles 2.3.309

HPRT 10. ESCRITORAS: Portuguese women writers and the Classics

The main goal of the research Project Portuguese Women Writers and the Classics is to map the textual production of Portuguese-speaking women writers before 1900, with special attention to their use of classical references, models, and genres. Although there were social and cultural constraints to the access of women of the past to classical culture, there is evidence of the participation of medieval and early modern women in erudite culture through the learning of classical languages and the reading of classical texts. This research project focuses on the gendered appropriation and rewriting of classical source material from the early 15th century to the 19th. The collection of data about Portuguese-speaking women writers available on the website represents a step forward in the identification, gathering and availability of information on women's writing pre-1900 in the Portuguese speaking world. The website is a work regularly updated, and is also used as a Virtual Research Environment for researchers interested in the subject.

TOPICS: women writers in Portuguese; early modern women and the Classics; gendered textual reception; Women and Classical culture; rewriting of literary genres

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