Ana Maria Lóio

AREA: Classica

TEAM: Philologica: Poetica & Mythographica

ORCID: 0000-0002-7078-7895

ACADEMIA: Open link



I am an Assistant Professor and a member of the Centre for Classical Studies of the University of Lisbon, School of Arts and Humanities. I have been studying Flavian poetry, namely Statius’ Silvae and Martial’s epigrams. My interest lies in examining the efforts of these poets towards finding (still) new paths for Latin poetry in first-century Rome. I am particularly fascinated by the poets’ reading and transformation of Greek tradition in their unprecedented poetic projects. At the moment I am resuming the theme of my PhD (University of Lisbon, 2012), speaking books in Latin epigram, and working on a book project. I cherish very much the outreach activities promoted by the Centre for Classical Studies, which lead to my frequent and enthusiastic collaboration with the National Museum of Archaeology.

Interests: Flavian poetry; Hellenistic epigram; Ovid; Statius; Martial.

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