Knowing is the origin and source of writing well.

Scribendi recte sapere est et principium et fons.

Horace, Epistles 2.3.309



IR: Cristina Santos Pinheiro

Gynecia is a project about Rodrigo de Castro, known mostly by the Latin name Rodericus a Castro Lusitanus, and about his medical treatise De universa mulierum medicina, edited for the first time in Hamburg in 1603 and reedited several times in the 17th century. Gynecia was the latinized greek title of many ancient medical texts about women’s nature, conditions, and diseases, going back to the Hippocratic Diseases of Women or Soranus’ Gynaecology and its Latin translations. Gynaikeia is a Greek plural with multiple meanings: it literally means “women’s things,” but it can also refer to the female sex organs, menstruation, diseases that are characteristic of women, and therapies or recipes for these diseases. The project aims at considering the ancient tradition about female healthcare and embryology as explored in Rodrigo de Castro’s treatise. His perspective being a composite of tradition and innovation, the project aims at exploring its place in European 17th century medicine.


STARTING DATE: 01-10-2018

ENDING DATE: 30-09-2022


BUDGET: 201733.53€


PROJECT PARTNER: Universidade da Madeira

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