Bernardo Mota

ACADEMIC DEGREE: Phd (with "Agregação")

POSITION: Full Professor

TEAM: HPRT 6. EPISTEME: Ancient and Early Modern Technical and Scientific Texts

ORCID: 0000-0002-9026-3271



BERNARDO MOTA (PhD: FLUL 2008; Humboldt Fellow: TUBerlin 2009-2011; Associate Professor at the School of Humanities/UL since 2020). Topics of research: Ancient Scientific Texts, Classical Model of Science, Euclidean Optics, History of Medicine. Projects: Rodericus a Castro Lusitanus and the ancient medical tradition about gynaecology and embryology (FCT:PTDC/FER-HFC/31187/2017; CO-PI).

Interests: Euclidean optics; Aristotelianism; Early Modern Medicine; Scientific texts.

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