Knowing is the origin and source of writing well.

Scribendi recte sapere est et principium et fons.

Horace, Epistles 2.3.309

Late Achilles in the Classroom and Court


IR: Fotini Hadjittofi

"Late Achilles in the Classroom and Court" (LACC) aims to explore the rich literary career of Achilles in both Greek and Roman late antiquity (2nd-6th centuries CE). LACC focusses on a group of largely ignored texts that feature Achilles as a student or as a model (not necessarily a positive one) for students, kings, and other members of the elite. These late antique texts include both school exercises of a basic level and sophisticated compositions written by or for kings and statesman. We also look at the radically different fates of Achilles among the Empire’s polytheist and Christian communities. Apart from our work on the late antique Achilles, we aim to publish on other related topics such as the role of encomium and panegyric in ancient societies and the idea of the classical tradition. We will also organize an exhibition at the National Museum of Archaeology in Lisbon and a conference on the reception of Greek heroes and heroics in late antiquity.


STARTING DATE: 01-10-2018

ENDING DATE: 23-09-2022


BUDGET: 237602.67€


PROJECT PARTNER: National Museum of Archaeology (Lisbon)

KEYWORDS: Late Antiquity; Rhetoric; Mythology; Reception of Homer; Early Christianity.

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