João Teles e Cunha

AREA: Hispania Latina

TEAM: HPRT 7. SAPIENTIA ASIATICA: Early Modern Latin and Portuguese texts on Asia

ORCID: 0000-0002-2310-2056



João Teles e Cunha holds a PhD in Early Modern History (University of Lisbon, 2009) and is currently a research member at the Centre for Classical Studies (School of Arts and Humanities of the University of Lisbon), as a member of the Res Sinicae research team. He is also an affiliated researcher at CHAM, based at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and a permanent member at the Maritime Academy. His research focuses on the economic, social, and cultural history of Asia, on the interaction between Asians and Portuguese, particularly in the Persian Gulf, India, and the Indian Ocean. He was a member of several projects transcribing and editing Portuguese sources on Asia, namely the third series of “Livros das Monções” (Monsoon Books), which allowed him to obtain a solid knowledge about archives and libraries. He has also written several studies on tea, the evolution of its consumption in Asia and Europe in the Early Modern Age, with special emphasis on aspects related to its material culture. In 2012 he organised an exhibition about tea at the Orient Museum (Lisbon).

Interests: Asia; Text Editing; Portuguese Sources; Portuguese Presence in Asia; Cultural History; Material Culture; Interaction between Asians and Portuguese.

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