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Ponte de Lima is a village named after the long medieval bridge (ponte) of roman origin, that passes over the Lima river, a river already mentioned by Pliny in his description of Lusitania and by Appian: 

“Mistakes have also been made as to the more celebrated rivers. From the Minius, which we have previously mentioned, according to Varro, the river Æminius is distant 200 miles, which others suppose to be situate elsewhere, and called Limæa. By the ancients it was called the ‘River of Oblivion (Lethe),’ and it has been made the subject of many fabulous stories. At a distance of 200 miles from the Durius is the Tagus, the Munda lying between them. The Tagus is famous for its golden sands.” (Plin. Nat. 4.35)

“Sextus Junius Brutus (…) then crossed the river Durius, carrying war far and wide and taking hostages from those who surrendered, until he came to the river Lethe, being the first of the Romans to think of crossing that stream.” (Appian, Spanish Wars 15).


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If you are researcher in Classics or Classical Studies, our Centre offers you support and a flexible environment to develop your ideas and contribute to knowledge. We bring together a broad range of research areas, and we are always open to accommodate innovative and groundbreaking research. 

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We strive to offer a platform for our members to share and disseminate their knowledge. We encourage and support our members to actively participate in and organise academic and outreach events. You can check our journals Euphrosyne and e-Classica, published by the Centre itself, and our scholarly and outreach events.

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We host master’s and PhD students and postdoctoral researchers with scholarships from several institutions. Join a team where your opinions will be heard and valued. Our researchers will be happy to help you with orientation and support in your early-stage research career. You can find our master’s and PhD programmes here, and the information on open scholarships here.


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Our center is located in Lisbon, a warm and stimulating city.

We pride ourselves on offering typical Portuguese hospitality. Our Centre organises cultural and social activities to promote a lively and friendly working atmosphere. 

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Our centre is made up of great people who contribute to the knowledge in Classics and Classical Studies every day.

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Nereida Villagra
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The Centre, portuguese delegate in the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae

Catarina Gaspar

We are honoured to tell that the International Thesaurus Linguae Latinae Commission has approved the Centre for Classical Studies as a new member. Catarina Gaspar will be the Centre's delegate in this Commission. The Thesaurus Linguae Latinae is an internationally recognised institution and centre of expertise, making available to researchers and scholars resources and training opportunities in ancient Latin.

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